The Gift


The Gift

Would you like to get a surprise gift from anyone you loved or a friend you have been apart for so long? And, you are now unwrapping its cover with so much curiosity and excitement to see what’s inside it. Just imagine!

The Gift
The Gift

What kinds of gift do you like to receive? What about a Galaxy S4, or a latest Note from Samsung; or a Diamond ring, or a golden bracelet.  A culture of giving to someone that Christians find in the gospels believes that “give and it will be given to you.” This phrase can create an experience even in the business dealings or in creating innovative ideas, and have been applied in the form of knowledge building exercises. There is also “giving” has self interest who seeks their own benefits. It’s actually rooted in the societies of ancient cultures, and also in every individual as his virtues nowadays.

For instances, “to donate” some is a good thing. It will do good to the one who needs. May be it saves someone’s life – may be that act of giving will change his life forever and that will be the wonderful giving in the form of gifts above all.

The “Valentine” is on the air. You might be thinking of giving something to your dear and loved ones. Keeping the promises, fulfilling the desires they want, reciprocating the love they give to you; can be ‘Giving back gifts.’ It’s even more continuous precious gifts you should have been engaging for those who loved.

You can refer and read more how gift has been defined and the gift giving occasions and its some legal aspects in here

If you have an idea, you can create anything.  It can be your precious gift that you want to create and give to someone. Gift creation concepts can be widely saleable in every occasions and festivals; you can actually create your business from it. Then, it will be your “Life gift.” You might have been thinking about the other forms of Life gifts that can be surely fits into this concept of giving. For instance, ‘Light’ every living creature has been gifted by nature; it can surely be a “life gift” from her.

Now, what is a best gift you want to give to your loved one? Just share! As sharing is giving!!    


Written by: Shreebas Saakha

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