Setibeni bazaar inundated


Phalebas (Parbat), July 26: Setibeni bazaar at the border of Parbat, Syangja and Gulmi has been flooded after water level in the Kaligandaki River increased, following torrential rains since Monday noon.
The river overflowed at 2:30 am following rains, inundating the human settlements, submerging shops and forcing local people to move to safety. The biggest Saligram (ammonite stone) has also been submerged.
Local people said that around 200 houses have been inundated. Police confirmed that no human casualty has been reported, but property worth thousands of rupees has been destroyed.
Meanwhile, the people displaced by the floods were forced to spend nights under the open sky, following their displacement without efforts in place to provide reliefs and rehabilitate them.
Also, the Pokhara-Baglung road and Maldhunga-Beni road have been obstructed by landslides following rains since Monday. RSS

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