A Search for a small contribution


A Search for a small contribution

Have you ever felt when you woke up and want something to do more for your survival?  You have foods to eat, money to go outside and have friends to call and talk but you want something different out of it – a little change of what you are doing – searching something that you want to possess but don’t know what it is; a kind of  emptiness because you haven’t reached there where you actually belong; a search to begin a new again to make an identity to survive and get satisfaction?

A Search for a small contribution
A Search for a small contribution



You might have thought of obstacles, rough patches of realities, your surroundings, even weather you don’t like, and small excuses you  might have hold deep inside. You might have feared what next if I get there. How could I maintain and manage after then?


“ I’m feeling comfortable now but what if I reach to the new state; will I feel the same way again?” You might have felt you had something to do at the moment but you might have procrastinating and you may be still doing it but don’t know exactly until when –I am sure it is till it becomes an urgent. If still you miss doing it, then it’s gone out of your control, and you would think of relaxed and feel a nice escape from your pain which it loops back again keeping your away from realities, responsibilities, dreams, successes, and social well beings.


How disastrous it would be after five years if it continues even for so long. No one  is going to save you but “you” yourself by changing your thoughts, beliefs, actions and results. The attitude you take is very important after all.


You always feel, you want something out of your life and be where you belong but what if you are in the same rut and routine all the time thinking, talking , doing what you used to do for ages. If the results are not in your favour then you should try to do it a little differently; just change the way you do, think and eat. Go for something different and break your old pattern. Come out of your comfort zone in which you think you always belong.


You really need to soul search your needs and desires.  You have to make them specific and realistic. That doesn’t make your wants and wishes unfulfilled. You have to commit yourself to finish it and review your goals afterwards, and those achieved goals will be mile-stones for your confidence, ability to perform, and get results attitude you are going to develop. So, think of something as of your utmost desire, and take a small step towards it, continue following your dreams and stick to it day by day keeping a goal always in mind and fulfill your wants and desires to be manifested, and what else? – a small contribution to your social well being.


Written by: Shreebas Saakha


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