Remote village settlement in danger of being cut off from flooding


Babiyachaur (Myagdi), July 13: At least six houses are faced with the risk of flooding and being cut off at Dhangdung area of Okharbot in Myagdi.

The settlement is in risk of becoming a pulp under double impact of a continuing landslide from above a cliff and a flooding in the local Dajung river. The six families including families led by Gam Bahadur Darji, Dal Bahadur Darji and Som Bahadur Darji of Dhandung Goth area have been forced to spend sleepless nights.

The rocks are falling over the settlement wedged on a steep cliff, said Sadhana Ramjali. The rickety wooden bridge placed over the Dajung river is compounding the risk faced by the villagers, she added.

The villagers are wary of moving out as they do not have land ownership certificates of where their houses were built and they do not have any other property apart from this. RSS

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