Ramshackle water processing plant impedes smooth supply


Sundarijal, June 20: The Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Ltd (KUKL) water purification plant based at Sundarijal is in a dilapidated state and on verge of phasing out.

The plant constructed in 1966 has been in operation for 50 years with minor maintenance and repair works due to which it is not working in full capacity, KUKL General Manager, Dr Mahesh Prasad Bhattarai said.

The plant processes 21 million litres of water on a daily basis at Sundarijal while 26.5 million litres of water is taken to Mahankal Chaur Branch through water pipe for processing.

The processed water is supplied continuously in the rainy season but goes down to 4-5 hours per day in dry season and even less at 2-3 hours per day when water levels recede.

KUKL Spokesperson, Milan Kumar Shakya, said, “The big valves used in opening the water and shutting its outflow are in dilapidated condition.”

Shakya admitted that the problem in distributing water resulted partly due to the dilapidated state of the water processing structure at Sundarijal.

The demand of drinking water inside Kathmandu Valley is 360 million litres per day but KUKL has been distributing 150 million in rainy season and only 90 million in dry season. The KUKL employees have confided that 40 per cent of the water leaks through the system. General Manager Bhattarai said the water leakage was not unusual as 120 years old water supply pipes were currently in action. RSS

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