One-fourth Myagdi women below 20 become mother


Babiyachaur (Myagdi), Aug 24: Nearly one-fourth women below 20 years of age in Myagdi are found to have become first-time mother in the fiscal year 2072\73, the District Public Health Office (DPHO) said.
Out of 2,286 women who underwent a pregnancy test last year, 568 (28.26 percent) under 20 were found to be pregnant, said Lila Gautam, coordinator of the Family Health Programme of the DPHO. She, however, said that the number of pregnant women below 20 was put at 32 percent in the FY 2070\71.
Life of both new mother and her baby will be at risk in case a woman is conceived below 20 years of age for her reproductive organs are not developed fully and she is yet to grow mentally and physically strong.
Pregnant woman aged below 20 may deal with uterine prolapse, physical weakness while the newborn may suffer from malnutrition and live with disability, said DPHO officer Narayan Prasad Chaudhary.
According to national census, 2068 BS, out of 57,398 marriages across the country, the number of girls marrying under 20 years of old is 51.60 percent.
Geographical difficulty, especially rural health institutions lacking maternity service, lack of awareness and transportation are among the factors behind girls marrying below 20. RSS

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