Journalists from Newar community demand just distribution of grant


Kathmandu, Aug 23: Newa Journalist National Dabu today presented a memorandum to Minister for Information and Communications, Surendra Kumar Karki, demanding proportional and just distribution of grant provided annually by the Ministry to various media outlets.
The Dabu has advanced a flurry of demands including just distribution of grant for production of capable journalists and for overall and inclusive development of journalism. The umbrella organization of the journalists from Kathmandu Valley’s Newar community called for embedding the media outlets published and broadcast in different mother tongues within the definition of Nepali journalism.
They have also demanded effective implementation of Working Journalist Act in the interest of working journalist and making Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) membership distribution democratic and inclusive citing it was being manipulated by journalists close to political parties.
Dabu Chairman, Sri Krishna Maharjan, insisted on making Press Council Nepal, Department of Information (DoI) ‘s subordinate committees and National Mass Communication Academy fully inclusive.
Minister Karki shared his view of upgrading the other national languages and added that the government remains committed to preserving the languages of different communities. He emphasized on using Nepal Bhasa, Maithali Bhasa and Bhojpuri Bhaja in country’s realm of journalism. RSS

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