DPHO warned against improper disposal of waste


Pathari (Morang), July 11: The Biratnagar Sub Metropolis is set to initiate action against District Public Health Office (DPHO), Morang for careless disposal of waste materials including used up syringes and medicines.

The Metropolis caught the Health Office red handed when disposing of the waste materials in the street, which pose a direct impact on civilians.

Waste Management Pvt Ltd Operator Member, Devi Acharya, who is tasked with overseeing the waste management of Biratnagar, caught the DPHO carrying out the unhygienic deed during an inspection of the bazaar area.

Biratnagar Sub Metropolis Waste Management Branch Chief, Harilal Yadav, said a clarification had been solicited from the DPHO on Sunday for not being serious towards managing the waste products.

Yadav also cited the legal provision specifying a fine of up to Rs 100,000 for those disposing of waste carelessly and by hazarding people’s health.

The households in the market area were also made aware of the need to dispose of waste properly, Acharya shared. According to a data, Biratnagar produces 80 metric tons of waste on a daily basis. RSS

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