Consensus essential for constitution implementation


Biratnagar, June 7: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar has said political consensus is inevitable for implementing the constitution and resolving the political problems.

Talking to the media in Biratnagar Airport today, he said that the government was not in crisis and that it was moving ahead on the basis of consensus. He added that the incumbent majority government would remain in power until a national unity government was formed.

“General differences of opinion in a coalition government should not be taken as things indicating a change in government leadership,” he explained in reference to the talk of government change that is circulating in the public.

Stating that the government was ready to conduct the local bodies election, the Deputy Prime Minister reminded the main opposition party, the Nepali Congress, to recall the pledges it made in the past in favour of holding the local polls.

He also reiterated that the parliament business regulations should be passed on consensus basis and if not through the due process. RSS

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