Brokers plague transport office


Itahari, June 20: To acquire driving license from the Transport Management Office, Itahari is tantamount to winning a war.

The Office is infested with brokers and a person is required to cough up Rs 2,000 to a broker to just register the application form. It is mandatory that a person seeking driving license undergoes a health check up including the eye vision test. However, the Office does not have a doctor while a readymade recommendation letter of a doctor is available for sale.

On Sunday, the Office started distributing application forms for new driving license and thousands lined up to get it, but the distribution was halted before the clock clicked 3:00 pm. More than half of the people who had lined up all day were deprived of application forms. They were being indirectly asked to seek the help of the ‘stealth way’.

Office Chief, Shyam Singh confirmed that around 6,000 received the form and that arrangements were in place for them to register it.

When asked of the hurdles in receiving the form, Singh claimed that Red Cross was distributing the form and that the social organization ‘knows more about it than the Transport Management Office’. RSS

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