Bhojpur’s health service sector in deplorable state


Bhojpur, Aug 15: The District Health Office, Bhojpur is operating with 140 vacant positions for health workers including that of Public Health Officer and Medical Superintendent.

The DHO has a total of 11 empty posts including that of its chief whereas the District Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr Krishna Sah, has taken a temporary leave after being transferred to another government post.

Across the district, 11 vacant positions were found in primary health centres while more than 150 positions remain empty in health posts and sub health posts. Of the total of 387 health service posts in the district, more than 170 are vacant, DHO’s Acting Chief, Dr Ramesh Tamang disclosed.

The vacant positions in the health service sector of Bhojpur district, which is considered geographically remote, has deprived many people from standard health service.

The District Hospital in Bhojpur downtown is currently under construction with 50 beds while the quake-ravaged emergency ward is being run under makeshift shelter with 16 beds. Many patients are forced to lie down on the ground to receive treatment due to lack of beds. RSS

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