Best Online Jobs In Nepal


An easy way to Learn, Earn and Grow

Are you bored staying Idle at home? Want to earn some extra bucks? Do you like earning money at home? A little extra cash would surely make your day, now won’t it? If your answer is YES, we at Gautam Company have come up with a solution for you. With a basic computer skill, you can now earn over 15,000 NRS every month, staying at your home.

With a vision of creating self employment, Gautam Company has been providing Trainings and Jobs for those who prefer to work for themselves. This is targeted not only for students or unemployed personnel, but also for those professionals who are looking to earn some extra bucks in their leisure time. With a motto of ‘Learn, Earn and Grow’, we have dedicated ourselves in creating opportunities and a means of livelihood for everyone, regardless of their education or prior work experience. Online Jobs are comparatively easy after a basic training period. The pay is reliable and the work time is totally dependent on you. The trainings are provided until the students are satisfied or able to work on their own. Regarding the earnings, it depends upon the amount of work you can do. We have our clients, earning from 15,000 to over 25,000 in a single month. Their testimonials regarding the work and the pay can be viewed at

Best Online Jobs In Nepal are still in a developing phase in Nepalese context. Most of the companies here still focus largely on Data Entry as an online platform for earning. Nonetheless, these home based jobs have established a niche market for themselves and have been growing much popularity amongst students and those in access to internet at their home. Gautam Company has a good reputation and a wide array of services in Online Market. We have been providing our clients with various opportunities by providing numerous services, rather than just focusing on one.

Google Ad Sense is Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Ad Sense is basically a program by Google, which allows a user to earn some money by displaying selected Ads next to their page/content on the web. The higher the amount of traffic on your page, the higher will be the viewership of the ads. The revenue is generated either on per-click or on per- impression basis.


What we do?
– Provide Training and guidance
– Create Genuine Ad sense Account
– Manage a proper channel for you to receive your earnings


Web Designing and Web Hosting is also Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Creating a website it designing, and making it available on the internet is hosting. In this day of technology, every business house needs a website. Be it a commodity based market or a serviced based, all the business houses require a website for exposure and breaking the geographical barriers.

Gautam Company has a special starting package of 4,999 NRS whereby you will get:
– A domain registered under .com or
– Dynamic Website
– Unlimited Bandwidth
– Unlimited Hosting Space
– Unlimited Technical Support

Data Entry

Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Data Entry might be the most popular Online Job in Nepal. The user will simply have to type what they see on their screen. We at Gautam Company help you, create an account and receive your earnings.



Content/Article Writing is Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Best Online Jobs In Nepal

Writing is something that almost everyone can do; but writing in such a way that is both detailed and easy to understand, is something of an art. Writing articles on the web is a serious profession with a huge responsibility of attracting traffic. An article has to be Unique and SEO friendly in order to get a place in first few pages of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.


We provide writing trainings and jobs to the aspiring writers and bloggers. We also train them to make their articles SEO friendly and unique.

Online jobs have had a lot of attraction in recent years. The simplicity and ease of earning money whilst staying at home, has made youths spend their leisure time to work rather than just being active in social networking sites. We at Gautam Company, provide our clients with adequate training until they are capable of handling their respective jobs. Post training, you can either work from your home or at our office in Newroad. There is no restriction or time boundary for these jobs. The more you work, the more you get paid.


Besides these, we also help provide solutions about the Online Payment Getaway System for Master card, PayPal, Skrill and so on. We help the clients Open, Verify, Transfer the balance, and even Buy and Sell their account.

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