The next chapter in the history of Nepali music is growing tomorrow evening 28 June. Historically this sense, the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time in South Nepali song music. The unprecedented swiftly wait much longer now.

British Minister of State for External Affairs Hugo wishes to see the killer of the concert, whereas in the UK, not only have arrived in Europe, including one in London.

President of the Nepali Public Relations Committee in Germany has come to London to look for refuge in the program, said Casey. Help Nepal partner, a successful businessman and social worker Raju Aacharya remote town in Cornwall, England with 13 colleagues from London on Thursday.


Journalist and writer Govinda Belbase charity that inspires most fun to watch their group complained to come. He said to come ten concert. “Nepal and is always ready to join in the interests of our group”, says.

University of Leeds, Dr. Vishnu Pariar to Liverpool. Shambhu Acharya concert becoming a witness. Liverpool John Moore Dr. yunibharsitiki. Parker also made sure that she will come to see the whole concert.

BBC Nepali Service London desk major Suman Kharel your Facebook statasamarphata ‘Now the concert hall and the opportunity to affirm serves, therefore, once the historical virtue of the evening to be a witness must never forget that “have said. “Nepal charity for the means of Quake victims’ the name given to the Nepalese musical celebrity Deep Shrestha, Om Bikram Bista, Yogeshwar Amatya, Deepak Thapa Magar, .Before high, sujila Karmacharya, longing Gurung songs, including a group of experienced music convey program. Qatar Airways at Heathrow artists group on Saturday afternoon.

Gorkha district of Nepal Network LNP project to help the earthquake victims sahayogartha about tickets Royal Albert Hall phone number that can be purchased by calling 0207 589 8212 albert concert.

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