Timecard put in place along East-West Highway


Ratnagar (Chitwan), Aug 24: In a bid to control road accidents, traffic police has put in place a new method called ‘timecard’ along the East-West Highway from Chitwan to Pathalaiya.

Chief of the Chitwan Traffic Police Office Rajan Bhetwal said the drive aims at minimising road accidents as most of the accidents is attributed to overspeeding. The timesheet is applicable along the 94 kilometres stretch of the road and a person with his or her vehicle is bound to cover the distance in 127 minutes. The person violating the new rule will be subject to action, Bhetwal said.

Likewise, the time to cover 40 kilometres from Chitwan to Manahari of Makawanpur is set at 27 minutes while 35 minutes is set to cut through 26 kilometres from Manahari to Hetauda.

Similarly, 41 minutes has been set to cross 28 kilometres from Hetauda to Pathalaiya, 15 minutes from Gondrang to Khairahani (12 kilometres), 10 minutes from Khairahani to Bhandara (eight kilometres ) and 11 minutes from Bhandara to Lothar (nine kilometres).

Likewise, 15 minutes has been set to pass 11 kilometres from Lothar to Makawanpur.

Traffic police have been mobilised at Gondrak of Chitwan, Mahanari of Makawanpur and Ratamate and Pathalaiya to minor the enforcement of the new system, Bhetwal said.

Police said that more than 7,000 vehicles pass through the area on a daily basis. RSS

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