A SMART PHONE YOUR LANGUAGE TOOL FOR LEARNING: A great benefit of having a smart-phone in hand; you can learn any languages by searching, listening & watching through many applications in the device.  Social media Apps make you available to connect with people around the world. You just need to be aware of time zones of different places where you want people to see them and talk.


Applications like Youtube, Facebook, Paltalk, Skype, Viber and many more on Android, OSi, Nokia and applications on Windows are the tools you can use to learn languages and anything anywhere there is an access to an internet through smart phones.

For learning a new language, basically what you need to focus on is continuity ; the more you keep rolling your activities in learning whether you do right or wrong – you just need to carry on with it.  A new language; not only make you able to see and think in a different perspective but  also you will find yourself doing & searching even more deeper into how people are speaking, living, and sharing what they do as a new language can be an opening to a whole new world to you, and how they express their understandings and beliefs.

Just a good smart phone, and of course with a connection to a network, can be a good start to learn any new languages. Just make sure you have installed those applications in your phone. There’re many ways to reach people around the world even if you don’t have their telephone numbers  or email addresses.  Facebook messenger, Skype, Wechat, Paltalk, Forums, social media & learning sites from which you can search and connect with the people whom you would like to speak for learning your desired new languages. Some of them are available already offering you as a language exchanger and some as teachers or friends helping you with the languages they know about. Some of them offering  you for free and others you also have to pay depending upon the circumstances.

Learning seems never easy before once these tools are already in your pocket. You just need to access them properly. This will benefit your surroundings and beyond if you like to share with them. Sharing & taking feedbacks are just another good way of learning a new language available in the net which are being made possible by many posting and publishing tools like blogging , for instance. This can even link you with other “niche groups”; if your destination is to connect with them then why not by learning a new language being a purpose of it since language is merely a means to share and communicate, and so does a mobile & smart phones do.



A smart phone and its installed apps are making your activities just more smarter as the name itself signifies, and  quicker  conquering the barriers of distance and time, use for accessing the information and resources you need to download, email, tag, like, share, post, text, voice , and see & make videos you prefer or you create of your own. Internet radios, itunes, podcast just a name few can be your day to day friend to listen in learning languages and much more.

Written by: Shreebas Saakha

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