Small traders demand action against ‘dishonest’ middlemen


Kathmandu, Aug 24: Small traders have called on the government for an effective and fair market monitoring which according to them would help discourage middlemen responsible for market irregularities.
Accusing the government of focusing market monitoring only on small-scale business, they said it were customs offices and middlemen who were cheating consumers.
Shiva Kunwar, proprietor of Makhan Galli-based ‘Chaulagain Grocery Shop’ said monitoring of just small shops was not an effective way to control market irregularities and this would not give any relief to consumers. He demanded action against those wholesalers who as he said were responsible for prompting market irregularities.
Shoba Sthapit who has been running a grocery store at Makhan Galli for the past one decade accused the government of only targeting small traders during the market monitoring.
However, small trader Hari Shrestha said time to time market monitoring from the government level made small traders like him aware of market ethics and consumers rights.
Supply Secretary Shreedhar Sapkota explained the ongoing market monitoring launched by the government was aimed at bringing those responsible for market irregularities to book and thus controlling black market.
It may be noted that the Department of Supply Management and Protection of Consumers Interests has intensified market monitoring since mid-August. RSS

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