Scarcity of essential drugs including metronidazole hits patients in far-west


Doti, July 7: People falling sick to various kinds of infection and diseases brought about by the monsoon have been facing scarcity of essential medicines in the far western region.
The essential metronidazole essential for people suffering from diarrhoea, dysentry and cholera has run out of stock, the District Public Health Office, Doti said. Given the likelihood of outbreak of epidemic anytime during the monsoon, the scarcity of essentials drugs is very concerning.
Though the essential drugs like metronidazole are sparsely found, the amount is not enough in times of need, said public health inspector at the District Hospital, Doti Ramesh Malasi. Hilly districts like Doti, Achham, Bajhang, Bajura, Baitedi and Dadeldhura in the far western region are facing scarcity of the essential drugs. RSS

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