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Are you thinking to be Self-employed. If yes then join us. We provide different kinds of home based online jobs in Nepal. There is no need of educational background for these job. It is up to reach of each and every level of people. At least you have to pass S.L.C (School Level Certificate) to join our jobs. We have our own online business package for you which is very easy to perform. It doesn’t require any special skill. Types of jobs our company is providing are as follows:


1. Google Adsense:  We will guarantee that you will earn minimum Rs.15000-Rs.30000 Per month form google adsense. The people who are doing well are earning more then Rs.100000 per month from google adsense. so hurry up and join us we will fully guide you how to earn big money form internet with the help of google adsense.  Both the People who are export in adsense and the people who want to earn money from your website or blog can remember us.

2. Content uploading: It means uploading the articles, photo, videos, news, products, jokes, story, etc we will teach you how to do all the things.

3. Web Designing and Development: If you want to work as  web designer and developer please feel free to contact us at the given below telephone number.

4. Articles Writing:  You can write articles on any categories. Don’t worry, we will fully guide you how to write good articles to earn more money.

You can write articles on any topics following are the most wanted topics for us.

a. Online Jobs in Nepal:- Write an articles about Online jobs in Nepal and earn up to Rs.1000 per articles. we will guide you how to earn Rs.1000 per articles.

b. Paypal Solution in Nepal :- Write an articles about Paypal solution in Nepal and earn up to Rs.1000.


Come & Learn, Go &

We do provide adequate training to candidate until he/she is perfect in the related jobs which we provide. This training contains different ideas of earning where you don’t need to do extra handworks. Most interesting part of our job is that you can do it part time or full time, as you wish. There is no restriction or limitation for our jobs. There is no any time boundary to perform these job. The more you work the more you get.

Following are some of our Training Course.

1. Web Designing and Development.


3. Photoshop.

4. Content uploading.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

6. Article Writing.

7. Google AdSense.

8. HTML.

9. Data Entry Job.

Online Jobs In Nepal
Online Jobs In Nepal

Staff Wanted For the Following Post.

1. Web Designer and Developer. (Salary up to Rs.25,000)

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  1. hey I need more information about this where we get the training for this job please tell me

  2. i wolud lyk to apply for the job so want to know that what should i do..talking about my educational qualification about to complete bachelors..

    • yes sir you can do this, first you have to become our member then you will get user name and password. then you can earn money.

  3. I want to do online job. Now iam at arghakhanchi district. i want to do the job from arghakhanchi. How it is?

    • First you have to become member in our team. for more information please contact us.

  4. video upload garnu ta sakinchha tara kaha gayarar garne ho ? tyo pani bhanidiya hunthyo training garna jana ma asamartha chhu kina ki ma teti saro hidna sakdina tesaile maile video haru upload garna sakchhu milchha bhane ma jasta disable haru ko lagi pani kam dinu hola.

  5. yo katai fake ta hoina ni yastai bhandai thagdai garne thupro bheteko chhu maile kati le ta mero paisa pani khaidiya
    kun bank ma ho deposit garnu parne

  6. It’s ok sir. I am ready to pay the amount as you mentioned above to have member. So how long dose it take to complete the training and what time can I take the class in the morning/day/evening.


  7. Dear sir.
    i saw so many conversation regarding i have my own business in Kathmandu,and i would like to have normal web site related to my business so could you please tell me how much charge it will come for yearly one normal web site ? kindly let me know please..
    kind regards
    Mehar man gurung
    Cell phon # 9851175244
    sukedhara,Kathmandu Nepal

    • sir we have different packages we can built web site starting from rs.5000 to Rs.100000. It will cost according to your requirement. for more information Please Contact at 01-4242911, 4233626, 9851125851

    • Sir Tapaiko Mobile number ma ta samparka Hudo Rainacha mailay kati try gare, hajur le eak choti 9851125851 samparka garna ko lgai anurodh garda chu.

  8. Traning garna kati samaya lagchha ra ma surkhet bata ho. Surkhet bata traning lina milchh ki mildaina

    • Training garna 1 hafta lagcha ra surkhet ma bhayeko lai hamilay online bata training dinchau sir.

  9. Traning garna kati samaya lagchha ra ma surkhet bata ho. Surkhet bata traning lina milchh ki mildaina.

    • milcha sir hamilay le hajur lai online bata sikau chau. training 1 week ma complete huncha.

  10. Sir testo garna mildaina, hamro system bhanda bahira gayrea kam garna mildaina.

    • yes sir you can transfer money online to our bank account Bank Detail are as follows (Note: no any extra charge you have to pay when you transfer money online.)

      Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank
      A/c No.: 00705020258562
      Branch: Newroad
      Person Name: Keshav Gautam

  11. yes sir you can transfer money online to our bank account Bank Detail are as follows (Note: no any extra charge you have to pay when you transfer money online.)

    Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank
    A/c No.: 00705020258562
    Branch: Newroad
    Person Name: Keshav Gautam

  12. Dear sir I also want to join in this online job but the problem is I m not in Nepal so what we can do for this all

    • Desktop and laptob bata garda chito ra ramro huncha, ra mobile bata garda dhila ra garo huna sakcha.

    • Dear sir we are daily updating our site and we are trying to make it user friendly. for more information please contact us.

  13. ma 24 ghanta nai online ma hunxu ma member banna tayar xu tara kasari maile paisa kamako paune

    • jasari tapai le member baneko charge tirnu huncha tesai gari tapailay kamayeko paisa paunu huncha.

  14. now i m doing online job but how to get money from payza acount plz can u tell me about this…plz

    • yes sir to upload Articles, music video photo etc and description are our job for more info you can call us.

    • No need to know any web designing we will give you free training how to do the job.

  15. Sirs and madams, I too really, wanna do online job, but, i can write articles not other like technical job. So, if you have any such kind of job then, plze. join me too on it and let me earn little bit of monye.

    My facebook = Buddhi chaudhary
    skype = sarada,chaudhari
    Gmail =

  16. what should i do to get this job?? I am really interested to get involved in this job so can u give all the detail information about whats the job about(works to be done after joining this)and any other requirements u need…. as per your information provided you told that the academic qualification is slc graduated and i am continuing my +2 .
    Thank you!!

    • after joining you have to upload content in our web site, like uploading music, video, Photo, product, writing articles etc. we will give you free training about all this work.

  17. Can we get guaranteed job ? i applied once for online job. At first what they say is you can earn upto 15 to 30000 but when i become the member, what i got was crap. So i want to know if this is real deal or not. Can i be sure if its not fake ?

    • yes Sir, you will get 100% job guranteed. this is real not fake, for more info call us.

    • Office is at Kathmandu, Newroad, (Near Sankata Temple). For more info. Please Call Us.

  18. could you give some detail information abt how to become your online business member???

    • yes you will get online training as well. to get online training first you should become our member.

  19. Answer these questions respectfully,
    1) How can you guarantee this is not fake?
    2) I don’t have a credit card or a bank account. Can I still get my money by visiting the office?
    3) Can I have you’re contact no. ?
    4) Where is the office located exactly?

    • 1.This is not fake it is registered company without having varified document you cannot register .np domain.
      2. Yes you can get money by visiting in our office.
      3. My Contact number are 01-4242911, 01-4233626, 9851125851
      4. Kathmandu, Newroad (Near Sankata temple)

  20. I want to do online job but i don’t have any job experience but i have knowledge about graphic designing ……….n my cont no is 9803267274 and 9843642767

  21. Sir yo online job sikaune freema ho? Yo office kun thau ma 6.? Mile thekhi ma pani garne ho exactly earn money hun6 ? Yo katai thagne company ta hoina? Monthly kati earn hu6?

    • sir tapai le hami lai phone garnu bhayo bhani hami tapai lai dherai jankari dina sakchau.

  22. I want to do online job… So plz how can I be member plz give me more information…

  23. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I’m hemanta I want to do this online job.sir plz dont mind, it is not easy to trust this type of business in contest of our country. Sir I don’t know I mean I don’t have any experience about related work so how can I……plz provide me some information about online job n how can(about what kind of job) we have to do. Finally how much money we can earn within one Months n how how can we get our money.

  24. I am from mugu. How can i get training. if itvis possible. if then call me 9819530137. i am waiting soon

    • yes sir is possible in mugu also we will provide you online training how to do the job.

  25. Dear M/s Online,
    if you are really serving as mentioned above in description then why you guys are not providing all the information in written as a reply of comment instead of saying call us or first become our member. what is this???

    This is our right to know all the information in free before being a member of it.

    • Dear,
      Sir if you are really interested in online job then there may be many question which it will take many time to conversation in written. The main thing you have to do online is uploading diffferent kinds of content in our web site like musci, video, product, articles etc and what you know better. for more info Please call us.

  26. dear sir,i want to get a job by which i can be employed ican’t come there
    and i want to be ur member by sitting in home becoz my leg is factured.i hope u will response positive result
    your faithfully amit.

    • ok sir i understood it. but if you call us we will explain you in detail what you have to do.

  27. You need to know basic computer skill, now a days we are only providing training in office hour. training will complete in one day, if necessary and absent, we can give you training after some days also. no we will not return the money but the work is very easy and there are many types of work which you can do, your user name and password is activated for ever. you can earn up to 10000

  28. I want to get this job tara kata bata join garni ho my phone nummber is 9845690072. Dear sir tell me all information.

    • join garna ko lagi hamro office ma aauda ne huncha ke phone garera pani hami batai denchau.

  29. I have a free time in home. I became a join to this program. But i need brief detailed about it how can I possible to join.

    • after paying registration fee you can join us. rest of the thing we will do for you. for more info please call us.

  30. I live in Dhulikhel and would like to the job but my problem is i cant afford to come for training. I know lot about internet so can I apply from here? Sir please do reply

    • yes you can apply from there also, the is no any problem where you are form we will do every thing for you. once you have sent us the registration fee then we will do all the rest of the process for you. for more info please call us.

  31. I’d like to work for this job. What kinds of job are in vacant? I hear you mention job: Upload video, music, photos etc but what kind of? How much working hours is needed? Is it based on working hours? Reply soon.

  32. sir,
    I want to earn without losing a peso from here.
    So what should i do for it?
    And how is the easiest way to be member without coming in your office,meanwhile sitting in my own home how can I earn money?

  33. Is this online job only orinted in ktm or we can also do it in pokhara ? If yes than in pokhara where we have to contact ???

  34. I will love to do this type of job because its suitable for me and in this i can manage the time also. so, what should i do to get this job?

    • You must be our member first of all, then we provide you some traning then you can do our job. i.e., content uploading and article writing. You can visit our office or contact us.

      • ok i would like to visit your organization(office) for further information. can u give exact location of your office. i live in kathmandu, Naradevi. i will waiting for you kind reply .thank you

  35. k yo kaam bishwasilo ta hunx.aftet joining member k trainig haru ko ni paisa lagx ki kasto ho sir.tapai harule deko informaltion yali khula vaye so.plz reply la sir

    • you can visit our office at New Road, Kathmandu. You can phone us at 01-4242911 also for more detailed information. Generally we develops and design websites for your business propose according to your business and needs.

  36. Hello Sir,
    It’s me Sonam from Butwal. I don’t know about this types of jobs but i m so interested & also very excited about it. So, can I join this job ? And I also want to know about it’s processes ? I mean what should I do for join this job ?

  37. office ma contact gare paxi matra sab kura tha hune haina ta.ani ofice ka xa ra ani kati no ma contact garne ho.

  38. the member making method seems expensive, isn’t this for job seeking people? then how could anyone pay that amount without any assurance or guarantee! please, at least be reasonable!

  39. Dear Sir, good to read about your online job website and comments.
    In fact I need to know, if I became your member and get trained, how long it will time to earning start money ? will it be just after training ? or it will take time.
    and also about giving job, suppose I know web designing and after training how long it will take to you to give me this job ? and will you give this job for long time or it will be for one time or short time ?


  40. I would be grateful to you if you kindly do answer my queries.

    1. Could you tell me how much a part-time employee and full-time employee earning from your job?
    2. Can we interact with the present employees of your company and know the truth from them? that will definitely erase our doubts and let us feel ease to become the members and start working.

    Hoping for the positive response.

    • Part time employee are now earning Rs.10,000 to 15,000 according to their performance. And Full Time employee are earning Rs.20,000 to 25,0000, not fixed salary someone earn Rs.30,0000 in one months.

  41. I want to write an article .. how will you make the payments and what all are the criteria for selection an article of mine. I have been writing and posting my articles to The Himalayan Times .. let me know the procedures

  42. may i know is there is Paypal facilities in Nepal. That you going to pay us by Paypal system.

  43. can we contact ur members who are doing jobs……..if then give us iid or contact no. of ur members

  44. hi admin ji ;ma online ma sikna chahan6u.because ma bardiya ma basne bhayakole tyakaran hajur ko help ko aasa gard6u.fee ko bare ma pani ulekha garidinu hola

  45. i am from dharan and i want to do this job but i don’t have any bank account so will it be possible for me to do it

  46. i wanna ask few things. firstly, if we dont complete our work in time, will you be hampered or you will just provide us a credit card verified account on google adsense or freelancer? .. secondly, will the nepali tutorial cost us? .. and last one, will you pay us mobthly weekly or as per or work??

  47. Dear sir,
    I am a Computer Engineering student and I have skill in java web application development,php and html. so what kind of job can I aspect from you?

  48. Consult with a bankruptcy lawyer if you feel like your finances are in the red. Go over the local listings of bankruptcy attorneys and opt for one that suits best your distinct requirements. Employers often run credit reports not because they are nosey but because they feel if a person follows the rules of paying bills on time, they can manage other tough situations in responsible ways.

    • You can call us 4242911 or visit our office at New Road. You have to know basic computer skill and simply good English reading and writing. You should do training first then you are ready to do. Training will be 2-3 days long and you can do training through online networking site and also live from our office.

    • You can call us 4242911 or visit our office at New Road. You have to know basic computer skill and simply good English reading and writing. You should do training first then you are ready to do. Training will be 2-3 days long and you can do training through online networking site and also live from our office.

  49. kasari ho online jobbat money kamaune.plz vnnuhosna hami pani k hi garna sakxauki.berojgari vayako bela

    • You have to get training first then you will be ready to do our jobs, you have to upload content for our websites. You can upload articles, music videos, products details etc.


    Have a small list of things that are non-negotiable and stick to them morning and evening. For many people, that means that mornings include makingthe bed and clearing out the dishwasher. In the evening, it might include putting everything in the kitchen back where it belongs. This routine, if it becomes a habit, ensures that the most important parts of your home stay livable.

  51. sir tapai ko company ma job garna kati qualification chahinxa ni ma class 12 ko management ko student ho

  52. I like this job bt yo job ma member banna k garnu parxa ra kati sammako adhyan pura garnu parxa ani yasko lagi kasto trening hunupar kripaya jankari pauna sakinxa

  53. hey..its been 2 months but i havent got my payment…why is it so..i have texted in skype so many times but every time the answer is ” Other staff is seeing ur work”….What is this? And when am i going to get my payment

  54. I want a job.ani maile yo member join garna kati rupees hajur lai dinu par6.plz malai 6ito rply garnu ho.

    • Yes, why not it will be easy for you to do our jobs. YOu have to first do our training. You can do training wither online or live from our office. For more information please call us 4242911.

  55. Maila Nepali citizen ko scan email ma pathudaa pani huxa sir ani job ko lagi Tab bata kam garna sakinxa ya computer or Laptop nai hunuparxa sir

  56. How much should we pay for the Registration…And After registration and after training can we immediately start the work? And what sorts of Photos, videos, etc should we upload???

  57. Yes, why not it will be easy for you to do our jobs. YOu have to first do our training. You can do training wither online or live from our office. For more information please call us 4242911.

  58. Sir i am studying computer engineering in india. After 1 week i am coming to Nepal for 3 days. In that 3 days can I become ur member.

  59. I want more information about can I get this job. I want job soon.please reply.

  60. hlw sir ma butwal bata ho ma ke butwal bata pani online job garna sakxu??? ra maele yo job garna ko lagi ke ke garnu parxa ra kasto khal ko qualification chahinxa

  61. hlw sir ma butwal bata ho ma ke butwal bata pani online job garna sakxu??? ra maele yo job garna ko lagi ke ke garnu parxa ra kasto khal ko qualification chahinxa ani member kasari hune yo grp ko

  62. Dear sir, ma ahile ktm ma basdai xu ani ma BBA 6th sem ma padh dai xu so ma online job garna chahanxu.. ma sang laptop xa plz help sir how can I do? 9843283646 plz help me

  63. i’am interested in your come & learn, go & earn” may you provide all about information by email?

    • Training ma hami tapailai hamro website ma kasari content upload garne vanera training dinxauu ra international sites ma pani kasari kaam garne vanera training dinxauu. Kripaya thap jaankari ko lagi 4242911 ma call garna saknu hunxa.

    • Yes, you also can have full details by calling 4242911. To do online job you must do some training and after training you can do various types of online job. FOr training you can call us.

  64. I’m very much interested in your job…so please provide detail information about this job
    and if possible call on 9840010797

  65. i need an information how i can earn money online.
    but i want to tell u something B-Tech Nepal Pvt.Ltd of putalisad,kathmandu also used to say that but they only cheated us and I lose money and time as well. so if U can guide me with 100% assurance. i may contact you for further information

    • Yes, you can earn by doing our online jobs. We can’t say you anything about any others company. We have not any branches and our office is government registered with PAN, VAT and all the legal documents. So we can assure you to trust us and do our jobs. You can call us on 4242911 or visit our office.

  66. Sir I ‘m interested in this job plz would u mind providing the fees charge for being member of ur company.u can also inform me @ my gmail address about fees and others.u can also place a call @ 9843422084 if possible.

  67. is this legal ? is this 100%verified ? is this safe ? there are many websites regarding online business.!! but most of the people are cheated by different comapanies… can you make us satisfied regarding this company.? but not thrOugh trust…first they ask money for training. and then they dissapear..,

    • Yes, it is 100% safe. WE are government registered company. WE don’t know anythings about others but we are not fake and we don’t cheat. You can visit our office at NEw Road and see all ours documents.

  68. Well…..I also want a online job…but I’m just taking SLC certificate this year, I mean 2015…so I want more informatiom … go further…about this site or office…..can I????

  69. Hello sir, I am a Cyber Student and Searching for a job in Jhapa. I am a web page editor, Web developer, & Web designer. I have a years of experience in Photoshop. A basic knowledge about Animation making and little knowledge about Programming in VS. I have edited these website If you want to check Talent on Webdesign then you can Visit that site.I have also created a animation video for Ncell I am Searching a online part time job . If their is any opportunities and suitable for for me. Please Sir. i would like to appreciated you feedback.

  70. Hello sir I want to do this jobs I know photoshop well I am learning photoshop from before 4 years ago ..

  71. hello
    i’m quiet interest in doing data entry job. i have fast typing speed in both language nepali and english so is it possible to do that types of job in your company?
    can we do the data entry job at our home? or we must do at your office?

  72. How much charge do we have to pay for the training ?
    And how can we get money when we complete the given task ?

  73. Sir, i wanna work on the data entry is this possible to provide me? if it is possible plz tell me what should i do for this job?

  74. Online job मा नेपाली भाषा प्रयोग गरेर पनि काम गर्न सकीन्छ कि सकिन्न होला?

  75. i am good at article writting.i would like to work in online job.basically i am sports fan.i have query that what kind of jobs we can do in online and how much we have to work for it?

  76. hello sir i have knowledge about graphic designing so can i get online joy with u how can i earn some money with you….? plz reply

  77. i have tired to call the number u gave me several times but it always responds it’s busy..
    i can do all work u mentioned above and so i need this job..
    kindly send me the work that i should do in my email address

  78. i want to make money online how do i become a member is there any regitration or somthing… and what is needed for this job?

  79. Good Morning Sir,

    Can you please tell how to become your member and what are the documents i need to submit and how much your charges?please let me know about it with all of info in my mail box..

    Thank you

  80. i am studying in diploma level and i am intrested to do online job from my home. Sir, can you just clarify me what to do and how to do. To be member should i visit office or can i be member online. Sir i cant visit office and get training. So, could you please help me.

  81. कस्ता जव पाईन्छ , कति योग्यता चाहिन्छ , कस्ता तालिम दिनुहुन्छ र डकुमेण्ट केके चाहिन्छ जानकारि गराई दिनु होस न

  82. Sir, I’m a students of CIMA(UK) currently I’m living in Chabahil, kathmandu. I have got offers from full time job but due to my clz I compelled to reject and I’m searching a part time or online job which I can handle easily becoz I’ve following qualifications;
    +2 passed — 1st division,
    Computer Knowledge — +2 in Computer Science,
    English language,
    Studying CIMA which is CA of UK,
    Well Knowledge of Photoshop,
    well knowledge of HTML

  83. म गर्न चाहन्छु ONLINE JOB के गर्नु पर्छ त्यसकोलागी

  84. how much should we pay for training???? I m frm kathmandu bt I want to hv training online is it possible???

  85. hello sir,
    I am interested to do this job but I want to know that how much rupees I have to give you for membership of your company. plz kindly inform me through my email.
    Thank you!

  86. how can i be the member for online job shall i have to visit company? or i can be the member on by phone call also??

  87. Sir thanks for giving this type of job
    and by the way i am so much intersted with this job. And recently i am studying IT field.

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