NC again disrupts House meeting


Kathmandu, June 27: The main opposition party, Nepali Congress, has disrupted today’s meeting of the Legislature-Parliament, citing the government did not commit to providing a lump sum of Rs 200,000 to the earthquake survivors.
Lawmakers from the NC protested by standing at their respective seats soon after Speaker Onsari Gharti announced beginning of the meeting and provided time to NC lawmaker Dr Ram Sharan Mahat to speak.
Leader Mahat on the occasion said that they were compelled to disrupt the House as the government neglected their demand for providing a lump sum of Rs 200,000 to quake survivors.
Stating that not a single house has been constructed for quake survivors so far, he argued that the government has been taking up the reconstruction task in a slow pace. He also blamed the government of not taking initiatives for talks to address their demand.
The NC leader recalled that the NC-led government was successful in ensuring commitment of funds worth Rs 450 billion through the International Conference on Reconstruction of Nepal, saying the NC-led government had carried out rescue and relief task after the earthquake with activeness. He said, “The NC-led government had made decision to provide grant assistance of Rs 200,000 in installment not to let misuse of the assistance. But the working procedure has not mentioned not to provide a single installment within a year.”
Leader Mahat also said that the reconstruction task could not be completed even in five years given the current pace, with only Rs 240 million spent so far.
In between NC lawmakers’ protest, Speaker Gharti said, “The attention of entire House has been drawn towards the demands raised by the NC. The Prime Minister has told that he would brief the Parliament in detail regarding the NC’s demand.”
Following this, Speaker Gharti postponed the meeting for 3:30 pm today after NC lawmakers continued with their protest. RSS

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