Municipality’s decision to dispose garbage by riverside enrages locals


Melamchi, June 12: At a time when the Bagmati Clean-up Campaign continues in Kathmandu, the Melamchi Municipality has dug a hole at the bank of the Indrawati river to dump garbage.

The locals have been protesting the attempt to turn the river into landfill site by hazarding the natural heritage with consequent long term impact on the environment.

The locals were enraged at the irresponsible step taken by the municipality which comes at a time when the Bagmati river in the capital city is being cleaned up.

A local, Bishnu Dhital, slammed the municipality of taking a unilateral decision, and even neglecting the local residents’ concerns by dumping solid waste materials by the riverside and thereby polluting the environment.

As there is the possibility of the spread of diseases as diarrhoea and cholera due to the pollution emanating from disposal of wastes near the settlement we need to manage this issue of garbage as soon as possible, another local of the area, Raju Sapkota said.

District’s Local Development Officer, Krishna Bahadur Shahi, said it was not right to dispose of solid waste by the river and it did not conform to environmental protection act, regulations and directives.

Shahi confided that the decision to throw away the garbage at the riverside could not be taken by a municipality or any political mechanism of the area concerned. RSS

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