Locals contribute manual labour for building school


Rampur (Palpa), June 13: The locals of a remote and backward village of the district have contributed labour for construction of the Saharadevi Primary School located at Kesani VDC- 9.

The villagers decided they would construct the building as the school curriculum stalled due to lack of classrooms.

Around 133 locals of the village with thick presence of Dalit and Kumar communities – labelled as marginalized groups – have been contributing their labour on daily basis.

The villagers are working with an aim to make their school ‘a good school’ and have been bringing stones, sand and gravel to the school, a local Narayan Rana said.

Due to lack of classrooms the school divided its two remaining classrooms into four by using tin sheets, said School’s Principal, Bhim Bahadur Thapa.

The Social Resource Development Centre (SRDC-Nepal) has provided financial assistance to construct the school building. A total of 130 students are enrolled at the school established in 2004 (2061 BS). RSS

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