Lawmaker bristles at construction of substandard road


Kapilvastu, July 17: Lawmaker Narsingh Chaudhary has said the road construction under Constituency Infrastructure Development Special Programme (CIDSP) at various locations in the Kapilvastu constituency – 5 did not meet the required standard.

Chaudhary carried out an inspection in the capacity of the coordinator of CIDSP at his constituency, and found the work to be below par.

The lawmaker has accused the District Development Committee (DDC) of bypassing him while making payment for the construction work.

The locals have also hauled allegations that the road construction held at the end of the fiscal year was done in cahoots with technicians and was poor in quality.

Chaudhary has demanded investigation and legal action against technical staff involved in constructing seven substandard roads with the budget of Rs 14.7 million.

Local Development Officer, Chandra Kant Neupane, says DDC made the payment after technical evaluation of the project. RSS

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