Landslide displaces quake survivors in Keraunja


Gorkha, June 30: The incessant fall of landslides from the cliff above the human settlement has displaced earthquake survivors residing in 113 makeshift huts at Keraunja-1 of northern Gorkha.
The displaced victims have been residing in open ground of local forest since Wednesday afternoon after the landslide caused damages to their shelters.
The landslide that occurred on June 2 and August 22 of 2015 had swept away the entire human settlement of Karaunja-4. As many as 137 households rendered displaced from the village due to landslide fear had constructed huts on the land of ward no 1 for their livelihood.
The mudslide is daily phenomenon at the onset of monsoon, said Sanu Ghale of Keraunja-1. “The landslide falls with big noise”. The villagers have reached the forest area in search for a secured place to live in with the landslide occurring almost every day.
According to Kaji Gurung of Keraunja-4, the displaced locals had constructed huts in the land which saw cracks and holes after the 25 April 2015 landslide. RSS

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