Itahari denizens take to tiles to pave roads


Itahari, June 27: The road black-topping spree in Itahari Sub-Metropolis is donning an unusual look with a seeming competition among neighbours to make the street look cleaner and attractive.

The residents in the inner roads of the sub-metropolis are using a new technology by bringing into play the concrete cement tiles to garnish the roads instead of black-topping it.

The tile – five inches thick – when laid on the road looks good and is also clean apart from being more reliable than a black-topped road, said Govinda Adhikari of Bhaladami neighbourhood of Itahari-8.

Likewise, Shanti Marg Tole Development Association Chairman, Madhav Bogati, shared that using the tile was much better and stronger than 20 mm black-topped road.

The Pathivara, Om Shanti, Sayapatri and Bagaincha streets have all used tiles to pave their roads.

Itahari Sub-Metropolis senior engineer, Arjun Kumar Dahal, also confirmed the use of tiles as being stronger that the traditional practice. RSS

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