Honest auto rickshaw rider hands back bag with valuables left by a passenger


Dang, June 27: An old adage ‘Finders keepers, looser weeper’ adage did not quite match the situation when a good Samaritan auto rickshaw rider in Dang honestly returned the lost goods to its rightful owner, including Rs 50,000 in hard cash.
Puspa Shrestha, a resident of Beluwa, Tulsipur-9 in the district found Sita Acharya’s lost bag containing jewelry, cash, few important documents and medicine and the knickknack in her vehicle.
The lost items of Acharya were handed over amid a programme organized here today to honor the honest auto rickshaw rider Shrestha.
Acharya, who had travelled to Tulsipur in Dang on Sunday night had hopped in the Shrestha’s auto rickshaw and travelled to Rajauna Chowk from Birendrachowk in Tulsipur. “I can relate to Acharya’s pain of losing her valuables. Hence, no sooner I found the lost bag, I made an honest effort to return it,” the auto rickshaw rider confided. “Honesty is the highest human virtue,” she said.
Acharya who was seemingly elated to receive her lost bag, expressed her gratitude to Shrestha for returning her goods as it is. RSS

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