Heavy rain triggers deadly flood in Bhotekoshi


Melamchi, July 6: Human settlements in Tatopani, Barhabise, Lamosanghu and Khadichaur of Sindhupalchowk are at high risk of inundation from a deadly flood in the Bhoteskoshi River.
A heavy rain witnessing the district since Tuesday night triggered the deadliest flood in a decade in the river. Water flow in the river has significantly increased due to the incessant rain since Tuesday night.
Human settlements on the river bank were evacuated and so far no human casualty has been reported, District Police Office, Sindhupalchowk’s Superintendent of Police Rabindra KC said.
The floodwaters have caused rampant land erosion at Jambu along the Araniko Highway and Tatopani road section has remained disrupted with mud slips occurred at Jure, police said.
People of those areas facing the high risk of inundation were warned to move to safer places. Continuous downpour and flood have also caused disturbance in the district’s communications system. RSS

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