Fund helps village fend off annual flooding


Gaushala, June 20: A total of six culverts were constructed at Dhirapur VDC in Mahottari district with the financial help from the Poverty Alleviation Fund.

The village located along the Bighi river bank gets flooded every rainy season with transportation also getting blocked. The Fund provided Rs 2.7 million for construction of the six culverts.

The Poverty Alleviation Fund constructed six culverts from Bighi river bank at Dhirapur VDC – 2 to Pipara and Matihani VDCs.

The Fund also constructed 1.3 km long road, said Garima Karyamulak Group Chairman, Manju Dev Mandal.

Around 5,000 people living in the village will benefit from the construction of culverts and the road, said Ratauli Youth Club, Mahottari Chair, Vaidyanath Chaudhary. RSS

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