Forest guards and smugglers open fire at each other


Parsa, Aug 29: Two groups -forest guard and smugglers – clashed and exchanged fire on Sunday night when a team of forest guards on patrol at Madhuban Mathawal Forest Area spotted the latter chopping trees.
The armed forest guard at the Area Forest Office, Badhaniyar opened three rounds of fire in retaliation after the smugglers shot at them, according to Keshavraj Ghimire, Chief District Officer (CDO) of Parsa District.
There were no human casualties reported, added CDO Ghimire.
CDO Ghimire shared that security personnel recovered four sets of trunk of the Saal trees two set of saws and four sets of bicycles from the smugglers.
The seized items were brought to the Area Forest office at Badhanihar for further investigation, police said. RSS

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