Expecting mother suffers with burn injuries


Pathari (Morang), June 26: An expecting mother who sustained burn injuries six months ago is being deprived of proper medical treatment due to poverty.

Kumari Rai, 33, of Mangalbare of Urlabari – 6, Morang sustained burn injuries after fire spread on her body while cooking fodder for livestock on December 27, 2015.

Her relatives took her to Mechi Hospital of Bhadrapur in Jhapa. She received treatment for three months after which she got discharged. The family had collected Rs 35,000 through loan and donations to pay the hospital bill. The doctor advised her to undergo a plastic surgery. But the family does not have enough money for a surgery.

Her husband, Desh Bahadur Rai, says that the family does not have any other property apart from a small hut at the northern part of Mangalbare Bazaar in Urlabari. The plastic surgery which can only be carried out in Dharan or Kathmandu will cost around Rs 600,000.

Kumari is now pregnant. Her husband says that his wife’s pregnancy is now nearing ninth month. RSS

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