Accident In Nepal – How to reduce the road accident?


About 13 million people each year in road accidents in the world history. IGP 1 thousand 6 Balewa 1 thousand 8 hundred people would have died. In Nepal, 10 thousand vehicles per year by the death of 11 people died in such accidents would have. Developed countries, only 1 to 2 per 10 thousand vehicles have lost their lives. The number 1 in Germany, 1.9 in the United States, Japan and Canada are 1.4 to 0.7. Mainly these accidents are happening on the ground 4. First, poor road infrastructure. Second, weak vehicle. Third, be careless road users. And, fourth traffic related disregard for the law.

Road structure

Nepal is about 65 thousand kilometers. Only 43 percent of them will come into operation all season, according to the World Bank. Only 11 percent are paved. Most of the roads are due to the geographical uphill-down hill. There was mobile and pot holes are narrow. Most are narrow fully comply with engineering standards, hence the risk of accident is more. Such road accident driver also does little carelessness.

Road User

The road user is the driver, passengers and pedestrians were. Passengers when the driver discipline phase. In particular, the hand of the vehicle driver. Simply the best vehicle to use the skills and expertise should be. At the same time, has a duty to bring the passengers safely to my destination that is necessary to be aware.

The rule of law in Nepal, wider pedestrian walk at random. Where did the road from there and pinches. Travel down the roof. Such actions are drawing accident.

Another fact, to test for a driver’s license is a scientific / not employed here, the road test. Traffic knowledge of the drivers will not be enough. Watches, watches, 2-3 days for dishonest use of vehicles. However, the laws are not allowed to work more than 8 hours of. Transportation laws, a driver for 2 consecutive hundred kilometers or 6 hours, only 50 driving arrangement is. But this law could not be implemented.

Vehicle condition

Passengers due to threats and intimidation ‘condition’ in the event of an accident are not vehicles. Good start is badly sick means work. In Nepal, most of the resources employed good chests. The trend is not routinely servicing. Occupancy vehicle accident occurred many passengers there are. Damaged car to drive was found. Poor road vehicles Raw weak start driver is directly caused the accident is.

Rule of law

The challenge is to apply the laws of Nepal views. Also do not follow traffic rules. Lane discipline to do so. Speed ​​limitations do not care. Travel down the roof. Side lights, traffic lights do not comply. The bus to adopt rules to do so. Rules have also forged money encroachment. It seems that some laws should be modified. For example, a certain speed for all roads.

Where more?

Kathmandu BabarMahal, Tinkune, Bhaktapur road, Okhaldhunga, Sindhuli, Kalikot, Jumla, Doti, Chitwan, Sarlahi, jhapalagayataka place accidents are happening.

Most roads in Kathmandu are well made. Another place to broad as the driver uses the fast. 9 0 percent of the accidents that have to be rapid. Next, a convoy of vehicles in Kathmandu much. So even more accident. Its public transportation drivers over 12 hours of drive. The group is also an accident. Most motorcycle convoy here. Tanneriharule shallow tone of motorcycle accidents is calaunale.

How to reduce accident?

Accidents can bring to zero. But it can be much less. Germany, Sweden all safety standards have been implemented in the country. But even in Germany, every year 5 thousand, Sweden 4 hundred and 71 and in the UK as many as 3 thousand due to road accident death squads.

Safety board / council what should be?

Today, road construction, inspection is all one body. The different body should be. Security Board should be a powerful body. This should lead experts. Members of the expert is to be. The structure of the work is to road safety. Other countries also have such bodies. Viz Sweden Swedish Road Administration said it takes full responsibility for road safety in Germany, the German Road Safety Council.

Year have lost their lives

062/63 815

063/64 735

064/65 113 9

065/66 1356

066/67 1734

067/68 168 9

068/6 9 1837

06 9/70, 1816

Nepal Traffic Police Bureau

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