3,000 child workers in Banke as data shows


Nepalgunj, June 14: The available data shows that there are still over 3,000 child workers in Banke, the district declared the child labor-free zone.
A large number of children are still believed to be associated with the child labour in the district though it has been around a decade since it was declared the child –labour free zone. Banke was announced the district free from child labour on November 20, 2007 at the initiatives of the District Child Welfare Board and various orgainations working in the field of child rights.
The Board has been lambasted for failing to regularly update the statistics of child workers and take effective measures to fight against the practice of child labour.
However, Banke Chief District Officer and Board Coordinator Rabilal Pantha insisted on collective efforts to fight against the prevalence of child labour in the district.RSS

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